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Leknessund in grief: – It feels very strange to cycle

Andreas Leknessund has impressed greatly in his Grand Tour debut in this year’s Tour de France, but there have been some difficult days for the 23-year-old.

During the Tour, a close friend of Leknessund has passed away.

– It has been very difficult in recent days. I’m here in the Tour de France, and physically I’m having my best days on the bike. At the same time, things have been very difficult, he says to TV 2.

– I haven’t talked in the last few days. It has felt very strange to cycle, especially that it has gone well when it has been very difficult, Leknessund continues.

IMONER: Andreas Leknessund (right), here with Jonas VIngegaard in a yellow jersey. Photo: THOMAS SAMSON / AFP

The DSM rider did a formidable job for overall candidate and captain Romain Bardet on the 16th stage.

– I have to say that things have been difficult, but there have also been good days on the bike. I am looking forward to the next stages, but also to finishing, says Leknessund.

On Wednesday, a tough stage awaits Leknessund and the rest of the field.

– Today could be an exciting day. I had a very good day physically yesterday, and so you can say that it was a small setback for the team that Bardet fell in the summary, but it was not a very big defeat, because we can go a little more offensively today. I hope we can achieve something good on the stage, says Leknessund.

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