Leipzig vs PSG, Lyon vs Bayern


RB Leipzig Vs Paris Saint-Germain and Lyon Vs Bayern Munich heats up the last four Champions League. Following Champions League semifinal schedule which were both held in the middle of this week.

Due to the format adjustment in this special UEFA Champions League this season, these knockout matches will only be played with one-leg duels instead of the home-away format like last season.

This makes the matches that are being played now so important. There should not be the slightest mistake because this can be a crucial factor in making your way to the finals.

RB Leipzig, Paris Saint-Germain, Lyon and Bayern Munich are the four teams remaining in the semi-finals of the Champions League. Two teams from Germany, two teams from France.

However, the teams from the same country will not “kill each other” in the semifinals. The path of fate made the semifinal parties present a pair of German club duels vs French clubs.

Refer Champions League semifinal schedule, who fought for the final ticket first was RB Leipzig, Paris Saint-Germain. Duel Leipzig Vs PSG This was played at Estádio da Luz, Lisbon, Lisbon, on August 18 local time or Wednesday (19/8) in the morning WIB.

A day later there was a match Lyon Vs Bayern Munich. The party, which was held in Estádio José Alvalade, Lisbon, was present on August 19 local time aka Thursday (20/8) in the morning WIB.

As can be seen from the description of the duel, the Champions League final could present three scenarios: the final among French clubs, the final among German clubs, or the final of the German club vs French club as in the semifinals. The Champions League final itself will take place in Estádio da Luz, Lisbon on Sunday (23/8) local time or Monday (24/8) in the morning WIB.

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Following Champions League semifinal schedule:

Wednesday (19/8) early morning WIB
02:00 WIB RB Leipzig Vs PSG

Thursday (20/8) early morning WIB
02:00 WIB Lyon Vs Bayern Munich

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