LEGIONARY UNDER THE MAGNIFIER: Ten, ten! Schick danced a Bundesliga captivating samba

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Big show of the Czech national team. Patrik Schick scored four goals in one match in Leverkusen’s 7-1 win over Fürth for the first time in his career, and added assistance. With 12 goals, he moved to second place in the table of shooters for Bayern Munich’s gunner Robert Lewandowski.

The Czech bomber did not play for a month due to injury and returned to the field only a week ago. He scored all four goals after the break, only seven minutes were enough for three goals.

Schick scored four goals in one league match as the first Leverkusen player. “I just found out, I scored four goals alone in my professional career for the first time. I needed to hit the wound, “he said.

Photo: Thilo Schmuelgen, Reuters

The joy of the Leverkusen football players after the high victory, shone the Czech shooter Patrik Schick.Photo: Thilo Schmuelgen, Reuters

“I didn’t stand a chance in the first half, nor did I shoot at the goal. But then it was like a bottle of ketchup – open it, nothing happens first, and then everything flows out at once, “Schick smirked.

He became the clear Czech king of the weekend. The second place was taken by another representative Michal Sadílek from Twente and the third by the Polish legionary Martin Pospíšil.



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