left, right, ecologists, RN… Twenty years of alternation or political continuity in more than 600 cities

Since the second round of municipal elections, 1.6 million French people now have an ecological mayor, in addition to the 185,000 inhabitants of Bègles (Gironde) and Grenoble (Isère) who already had a municipality Europe Ecologie-Les Greens (EELV). The green wave has swept over several cities where a political camp had been installed for decades:

  • Bordeaux and Annecy had only had right-wing mayors since 1947;
  • Lyon had been on the right until 2001 and the victory of the socialist Gérard Collomb;
  • Besançon had only had socialist or related mayors since 1953.

Among the spectacular changes, the only favorable to the extreme right is Perpignan (where Louis Aliot, for the National Rally, wins with 53.09%), which had only known mayors of the right or the center since 1993 .

However, continuity often prevails, including in large cities, such as Paris, retained by the socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo, and Lille, which remains in the hands of Martine Aubry, who is maintained thanks to 227 votes in advance.

Among more than 600 towns with more than 15,000 inhabitants, we counted 98 municipalities of the left which remained in the bosom of the left (PS, PRG or various left) and 141 municipalities retained by the right (LR, Agir, Libre or various right).

The right has indeed managed to keep large cities, such as Nice (since 1947), Toulouse (on the right since 1971, except between 2008 and 2014), Amiens, Le Havre or Reims. And 11 municipalities which voted on the left at least since 2001 have moved to the right, including Lorient (Morbihan) and its 57,000 inhabitants, Auxerre (Yonne) or Clichy (Hauts-de-Seine).


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