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Lee Min-jung, a 1 million won gift for a stylist,’extraordinary scale’ – SPOTVNEWS

▲ A photo released by stylist Lee Min-jung. SourceㅣSNS SNS

[스포티비뉴스=강효진 기자] Actor Lee Min-jung won 1 million won as a gift to the dedicated stylist.

On the 10th, hairstylist Soo-hyun, who is in charge of Lee Min-jung, posted on his Instagram on the 10th, “Thank you for being blessed by Min-Jung-ah’s sister. I feel like I’m already blessed. I feel like a good start. It’s a coronavirus, but it’s a coronavirus situation, but it’s a matter of care and strength. I’m impressed. I’ll be proud of this. I always support you to become a happier, busier and cooler actor this year.”

The photos released together contain the contents of 10 department store gift certificates and handwritten letters that Lee Min-jung handed over for a dedicated stylist.

Lee Min-jung said, “I’m always thankful for being with me for a long time. I’m a younger brother who listens to me well, does styling, and can’t express well, but I want to be blessed this New Year. Would it be better to choose what you want to buy? . Let’s be together for a long time,” he said. The two are close enough to appear in MBC Every1’s entertainment show’Severia’s Barber’.

‘Hoonhun’ was followed by praise, and Lee Min-jung in the comment of the post, embarrassedly said, “Ah, I’ll write a little better.”

Meanwhile, Lee Min-jung won the grand prize for’I’ve been there once’ at the 2020 KBS’Acting Awards’ last year.

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