Lebanese banks are satisfied with the strike for one day, and they will resume work tomorrow

Banks operating in Lebanon will resume their work tomorrow, after the decision to stop working for one day only the day before yesterday, at the beginning of the week’s dealings, and to stop working today due to the official holiday on the day of Ashura.

The strike was scheduled to be open until the General Assembly of the Association of Banks convenes tomorrow (Wednesday) to decide whether to continue the strike or not.

Yesterday, banks operating in Lebanon carried out a strike in compliance with the decision of the Board of Directors of the Association of Banks in Lebanon, which he considered as a general warning to call everyone to deal seriously and responsibly with the current situation with the aim of moving towards real recovery.

In a related development, the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Lebanese pound witnessed a big jump yesterday on the official platform of the Central Bank of Lebanon, “exchange”, in conjunction with the strike carried out by banks operating in Lebanon.

The exchange rate on the platform rose by 300 pounds per dollar in one day to record 26,100 pounds, after it concluded last week’s transactions at an average price of 25,800 pounds per dollar, which results in an increase in the fuel price schedule that is issued periodically with every change in the exchange rate in addition to The price of telecommunications and internet bills and a number of services that have become linked to the price of an exchange platform, up and down.

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