Leaders Cup (semi-final). In Fos, the SLUC Nancy wants to push the heavy door that leads to the final

Fos-Provence – SLUC

This Tuesday (8:30 p.m.)

Between their trip by bus to Blois and that by train to Fos-sur-Mer, the SLUC basketball players will have spent much more time sitting in transport than standing on the floor in recent days. And when you are close to two meters, it sometimes takes a little time to restart the machine … But that’s how it is! For a few small basket-saver points, the Nancéiens have inherited a place as outsider-globbetrotter in this Leaders Cup Pro B express, which will end this Sunday afternoon. In Fos, Quimper or Paris …

“It is certain that these are not ideal conditions, admits François Peronnet, but it is our job and we must accept it. In any case, this season will only be made of situations of this style, of perpetual adaptations ”. And the SLUC is not complaining, especially since like last Friday in Blois, it will present itself in full, this Tuesday in Provence.

Beyond the kilometers traveled, the sequence of knockout matches does not facilitate the work on the opponent. Which forces the staff to anticipate. In other words, the Avon – Peronnet tandem had already worked upstream on its two potential opponents in the semi-finals: Fos-Provence and Souffelweyersheim (78 to 73). Despite a small fright at the end of the game, it was Fos who won his ticket.

The Fos-Provence experience

“In Pro B, it is rare to see a team with so many players who have such a level of experience, including at the higher level for some of them”, develops the Nancy coach. “Fos has had a playing identity for years, with the use of the low post, the fast game … A solid and dense team, which has ambition” This season, many have made Fos-Provence the big favorite of the championship, on paper. Rather logical for a formation which aligns executives such as Choquet (ex-ASVEL, Châlons-Reims), Mipoka (12 seasons in Jeep Elite), Caner-Medley (ex- Monaco), Diggs, Burrows…

But in Blois, Ron Lewis and his teammates showed that they were capable of overcoming obstacles never crossed before. At the end, there is a final. It’s worth what it’s worth and likely won’t offer anything more than a showcase title (if there aren’t any play-offs). And if we were satisfied with it… Because the SLUC has not been on the stage of a national final since 2014 (in the Coupe de France, against Nanterre). Because in the middle of the night, the slightest little light is a pleasure to see.

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