Le Cross: a relative of Boli does the sales on Maeva Ghennam!

Nothing goes right for Maeva Ghennam (Le Cross)! The candidate is in conflict with Boli’s sister who is waving folders at her!

Maeva Ghennam (Le Cross) again finds herself in new controversies. Now it’s her ex’s sister Boli swinging big files on her! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Maeva Ghennam in gravy

A few days ago, Maeva Ghennam (Le Cross) found herself at the center of a scandal after missing her plane. She got start attacking flight attendantsAnd. Everything was filmed. But the child is accused of having had crocodile tears.

In fact, he would have pretended to cry after the fight, to hide the truth. Candidate Cross then confided to Snap: “I’m freaking out, I missed my flight and there’s no flight until tomorrow. »

“They didn’t even call me on the phone. Usually when I’m late they call me on the phone or they call me on the intercom and then no. Well, it’s too late, the plane is leaving”.

Before continuing: ” I can’t take it anymore. I swear I’m sick of it, I feel like I’ll never go home to Dubai again”. But this November 25, 2022, Maeva Ghennam (Le Cross) found herself in the sauce again.

And for good reason! His story with Boli, a millionaire settled in Dubai, re-emerges. She is in fact the sister of this man who has revealed big dossiers on Greg’s (Le Cross) ex.

This week, Maeva Ghennam (Le Cross) wrote on Snapchat : « When he’s dead, he’s dead! Then you don’t have to repent, you have to be tough until the endt.”

The Cross: compromising files

But Boli’s sister wanted to set the record straight. According to her, Maeva Ghennam (Le Cross) deceived Boli. She can’t stand thea child poses as a victim. Blogger Solife Gossip shared her message:

“The whore from Ghennam who refuses to give my brother the money he owes for their joint business just because she saw her ex while he was living his best life at the movies. »

Before continuing: “Talk about dignity whileand beat my brother with your mother. You are not ashamed of anything! You post his money on your private snaps and put him at risk just for show. »

“Since he’s been with you, nothing but madness has happened to him!” Boli’s sister continued to launch big dossiers on the candidate Croce: “Having a tantrum with my brother after the split just to wait for him to call you is fun! »

“You told him you had to pretend for TV, that you can’t announce your relationship because your producers forbid it! They split last week and yesterday, a monumental nervous breakdown. Hysterical, as usual! ”

But that is not all! Boli’s sister adds that Maeva Ghennam mistreats him : “He was addicted to her, she treats him like a dog! She beats him, she is mean and nasty to him and my mother! »

One thing’s for sure, she’s not going to let it go! As for the baby, she continues to tease her on Instagram.

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