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Lazio-Salernitana 4-1, grenade overwhelmed at the Olimpico

The Salernitana overwhelmed 4-1 at the Olimpico della Lazio in the match that opened the 32nd day of the championship A league. The Biancocelesti dominated at the start with two goals in the first quarter of an hour and then Tchaouna shorten the distances but Felipe Anderson shortly after the half hour he extends them again, scoring his personal brace. At the end The Isaac then sets the result at the final 4-1. Granata remain in last place in the standings with 15 points and mathematical relegation ever closer.

Lazio-Salernitana, the report of the first half

Colantuono has decided to field Salernitana with the 4-4-1-1: with Emphasis single tip supported by Candreva. In goal confirmed Costil con Ochoa who returns and starts from the bench. Mister Tudor instead Lazio lines up with the 3-4-2-1 with the only offensive reference Castellanos.

It is Lazio who immediately appears forward with a shot Marusic which ends up high over the crossbar in the 4th minute. The goal that breaks the deadlock comes in the 7th minute: Felipe Andersonwithout any tackle, takes the ball from the midfield, arrives in the area and unleashes a left-footed shot Costil on the long pole. Biancocelesti who seem unstoppable with Castellanos who enters the area and after passing Costil finds it Boateng to save on the line by deviating for a corner. The hosts double their lead in the 13th minute Neighbor who takes advantage of a back-and-forth in the Salernitana area and is a mockery Costil. But Colantuono’s team tries to react and at the first real opportunity of the match, in the 16th minute, they find the goal that closes the gap: Tchaouna stabs head first Send su cross on Maggiore. Salernitana who could also reach the equalizer in the 21st minute with a restart with the ball reaching Emphasis who turns and shoots but the ball is returned by the defense. Three minutes later the grenades were still dangerous Bradaric he lets off a shot from outside the area but Mandas manages to save in two stages. But it was Lazio who scored the hat-trick in the 34th minute with Felipe Anderson (personal brace) who took advantage of another sleep by the Granata defense to pierce the innocent Costil. In the 41st minute he also tries Luis Alberto from a free kick but the ball goes high over the crossbar. Just as it happens to Marusic in the first of three minutes of injury time.

Lazio Salernitana, the news of the second half

Mister Colantuono decides to change at the start of the second half by putting it in Zambia, Manolas e Legowski in the place of Zanoli, Boateng e Maggiore. And ready to go it is Tchaouna who warms up with a shot from outside the gloves of Send which blocks in two stages. Lazio, however, reacts with Felipe Anderson who in the 50th minute frees himself well, enters the area but with Costil on the ground he unleashes a shot that ends high. At 59′ incursion by Luis Alberto but Costil was ready to repel the threat with a dive. Lazio lowers the pace of the match to control the result and thus dangerous actions are completely eliminated. In the 76th minute Colantuono tries to revive the attack with the entry of Weissman in the place of Emphasis. In the 84th minute he also raises the white flag Candrevaankle problems, comes in in his place Martegani. But before the final whistle it is the newly introduced Isaksen who sets the result at 4-1 by passing the Granata goalkeeper with a diagonal shot.

Lazio-Salernitana 4-1, the scoreboard

LAZIO (3-4-2-1): Mandas; Patric, Casale, Gila (37′ st Isaksen); Lazzari, Vecino (31′ st Rovella), Kamada, Marusic (13′ st Hysaj); Felipe Anderson, Luis Alberto (35′ st Cataldi); Castellanos (36′ st Pedro). On the bench: Renzetti, Sepe, A. Anderson. Coach: Tudor.

SALERNITANA (4-4-1-1): Costil; Zanoli (1′ st Sambia), Boateng (1′ st Manolas), Gyomber, Pirola; Tchaouna, Maggiore (1′ st Legowski), Coulibaly, Bradaric; Candreva (39′ st Martegani); Ikwuemesi (31′ st Weissman). On the bench: Allocca, Fiorillo, Ochoa, Fazio, Pasalidis, Pellegrino, Pierozzi, Gomis, Vignato, Simy. Coach: Colantuono.

REFEREE: Luca Zufferli from Udine (assistants: Berti and Del Giovane. IV Man: Duties. Var: Paterna. Avar: Aureliano).

RETE: 7′ pt e 34′ pt Felipe Anderson (L), 14′ pt Vecino (L), 16′ pt Tchaouna (S), 42′ st Isaksen (L).

NOTES – Coulibaly (S) is cautioned. Corners: 8-0. Recovery 3′ pt, 5′ st.

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