Latvian Film Director Varis Brasla Shares Thoughts on Feeling at Home and Work-Life Balance

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Latvian film director Varis Brasla tells what makes him feel at home today. He admits that the most important thing is convenience, so that everything is easy to reach and at hand, not stylish or following the latest fashion trends, as revealed by the director during a guest talk show “Say it Loud”, with whom the host of the program meets at the director’s place of residence – in the quiet center of Riga.

“It is important for me that I feel at home at home. To be comfortable. This is largely the merit of the wife. Balance is important, also for work. If you don’t have her behind, you don’t have her at home, then it’s very difficult…” – he says.

“I haven’t come to terms with not working yet. Nothing can be done there. For as long as I can remember, I have always been in the process, the banana of work that has always gone ahead has fallen. I’m looking for all kinds of ways to listen to books, music,” he says and admits

The director does not hide that his beloved wife means a lot to him: “All storms will calm down… My wife is a great helper and friend. I am grateful for everything that has happened in life.”

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