Latvia signs an international declaration in culture in support of Ukraine | Press release

June 30, 2022.

The information was prepared by Dace Vizule, public relations specialist of the Ministry of Culture.

On June 29, State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture (MoC) Dace Vilsone, at the invitation of the Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, Oleksandr Tkachenko, participated in an online meeting with representatives of the Ministries of Culture of Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

At the meeting, the representatives of the ministries discussed the joint strategy of ten countries to reduce the impact of Russia’s aggressive policy in culture, and also agreed on a joint declaration for the purposeful deepening of cooperation in the protection and preservation of Ukrainian cultural heritage, the protection of culture and media against war propaganda, and a unified international stance against Russian aggression in Ukraine. The declaration was signed on June 29.

“Each country individually provides substantial support to Ukraine, and we heard information about this at the meeting, but by combining forces and efforts, the investment will have a greater effect. I am pleased that all proposals from the Latvian side were taken into account when preparing the declaration, and it must be recognized that coordinated support for specific needs identified by the Minister of Culture of Ukraine, there will be a targeted joint contribution of the countries,” emphasizes Dace Vilson, State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture.

The declaration also envisages evaluating the possibility of creating a special fund for the support of Ukrainian cultural heritage and media activities, as well as evaluating the possibility of providing urgently needed equipment for telecommunications equipment to Ukrainian television in order to maintain the critically needed informational infrastructure in working order during the war, which is currently being purposefully destroyed.

Special attention is paid to combating the denial or justification of Russian war activities, in order to jointly continue the European Union’s measures against Russian war propaganda, including the extension or introduction of new restrictive measures (sanctions) against Russian organizations and individuals who continue to support Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine, intentionally spreading disinformation and lies about hostilities. The exchange of information on the detected illegal trade of cultural values ​​is also planned.

Currently, the Ukrainian side has specifically asked for Latvia’s support in sharing the experience of digitalizing our cultural heritage, therefore, as the Ministry of Culture previously informed, Latvian experts with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture have carried out 3D scanning in Ukraine in order to document and preserve the cultural heritage of Ukraine after the offensive of Russian troops. and would also provide Ukrainian cultural heritage specialists with support and knowledge.

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Dace Vizule,

Public relations specialist of the Ministry of Culture

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