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Latest House 2 Rumors and News: Simon Mardanshin, Ivan Barzikov, and Kristina Bukhynbalte Drama Unfolds

Latest news and rumors house 2 for today January 10, 2024:

  • Simon Mardanshin came to House 2 to see Kristina Bukhynbalte, but is also ready to consider other girls from the TV set. Has a new alpha male appeared in Polyana?
  • Ivan Barzikov flies from Thailand – either to Turkey, or to Dubai to Ilya Rybakov, where he plans to work as a courier. Barzikov will never see Ilya Yabbarov, but how many conversations were there?
  • During an interview, Anastasia Stetseviyat told fellow bloggers about the benefits of her work at House 2. Nastya received new subscribers and advertisers, money and fame. Being on the TV project did not spoil her reputation, because the girl did not get close to her fans, she dated one guy and married another.
  • Andrea Avaliani told the sad story of his life at Lobnoye Mesto, the guys supported the man who, due to the betrayal of a loved one, cannot trust anyone. Psychologist Svetlana Prel decided to conduct several sessions with the participant and help him solve the problem.
  • Cristina Bukhynbalte started preparing Moldovan soup. Did you really decide to bewitch Simon? But the first to try the Bukhynbalte dish was Diman Hooligan, are we expecting Dima to declare his love for Christina?
  • Elina Rakhimova refused Alexey Bezus and decided to remain on friendly terms with him. Rakhimova plans to become a singer, and Dmitry Meshcheryakov will help her in this.
  • Tatyana Repina is amused by how Elizaveta Subbotina is trying to imitate her by changing her style and hairstyle. Tanya is not worried about Lisa or Alexei Bezus; according to rumors, she has a wealthy admirer.
  • Another passion ran away from Alexey Bezus from the project. Lyosha has announced a casting call and is ready for new crazy experiments. A distance of 15 thousand kilometers separates Bezus from one of her fans; will the girl decide to come to the project?
  • Latest news house 2 from schlock.ru for today 01/10/2024 – Kristina Bukhynbalte claims that she is in an open relationship with Ivan Barzikov. Was it different before? Now will Christina fly to Turkey to visit Ivan during her vacation?
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