Latest house 2 news for today August 10, 2022

Latest news and rumors house 2 for today 10 August 2022:

  1. Kristina Bukhynbalte started a war not only with the participants of the TV show, whom she considers horror stories and invisibles, but also with fans of the reality show, tired of her hypocrisy and double standards on the air of House 2. Christina is sure that the opinion of the audience does not affect the management of the reality show and she will never be kicked out of the project. Olga Rapunzel also once thought so, and where is she now?
  2. Mom finally came to visit Tatyana Repina and the ex-member of House 2 was able to go outside and have fun, she was tired of her little daughter. Repina claims that they broke up with Alexei Bezus, but the audience is waiting for Tanya at the TV set.
  3. Former member of House 2 Irina Agibalova is glad that her eldest daughter Olga Gazhienko flew to Cyprus. Irina Alexandrovna hinted that she would soon have 5 grandchildren, but did not say which of her daughters expecting a child.
  4. Maria Kokhno intrigues with news about her personal life, showing subscribers a joint vacation with her husband. Does Kokhno hint at a long-awaited pregnancy for her? Or again attracts attention?
  5. Anton Sannikov left the image of a “hysterical” and now solves issues with his girlfriend Ksenia calmly, without demanding sex from her. According to rumors, Alena Openchenko, the guru on intimate issues at House 2, helped solve the main problem of the couple.
  6. The new girlfriend of Artyom Grant turned out to be a popular blogger from Kazakhstan, whose list of former boyfriends includes modern singers. The girl refused to appear on the project. Again, Grant arranged a PR for his person?
  7. Karina Belova and Vlad Dubrovsky made a bet and are competing to see which of them will lose 10 kg of weight faster with the help of coach Artem Grant.
  8. Claudia Bezverkhova began to build relationships with blogger Fisherwhich is known for its numerous losses in the fighting project “Our Business”.
  9. Latest house 2 news from for today 08/10/2022 – Kristina Bukhynbalte rejoices that she pushed Ivan Barzikov and Alexei Bezus, who arrange a showdown under the cameras, with their foreheads. Bukhynbalte will not calm down until she kicks out Bezus, who doubted her decency, from the project? Married Barzikov is better in human qualities than Bezus, who left a child with a cohabitant outside the perimeter?

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