Lara doesn’t give up, Roberto cornered?

Lara / A place in the sun

Lara / A place in the sun (Rai Credits, photo by Giuseppe D’Anna)

Tuesday 17th May 2022su Rai 3, A Place in the Sun offers us a super-determined woman, an invitation to class and broken promises …

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So let’s see what will happen to Upas:

Lara Martinelli (Chiara Conti) does not intend to let go and so tries to put Roberto Ferri (Riccardo Polizzy Carbonelli) with his back to the wall.

Viola (Ilenia Lazzarin) addresses an invitation to Michele Saviani (Alberto Rossi): she wants the journalist to intervene in her class to talk about her experiences as a deployed professional.

Although Renato (Marzio Honorato) had made promises to Raffaele (Patrizio Rispo), in the end he once again resorts to the “remote” help of Giuditta (Patrizia Salerno).

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