Lamborghini creates a list on Spotify to the rhythm of its engines

Engine songs (“Engine songs”) is the name of the three playlists that Lamborghinis offers inside Spotify. But it’s not a simple list of songs with music made by a music lover for lively driving.

Lamborghini and Spotify

They are three playlists composed of 24 songs each and that they were chosen by own sound engineers by Lamborghini in collaboration with music producer Alex Trecarichi.

The grace of these songs? I’m exclusive engine tunes Internal combustion Lamborghini: V12 yes V10 naturally aspirated and V8 biturbo. This way, there are three unique lists that match and are “tuned” to each of the engines.

Tune in to the hertz of the engine

“What song would the 12-cylinder Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae become if they could be turned into music?” asks Lamborghini on its website. The answer is on Spotify.

Some songs from the list of V12 (for now the only one available) they are In Like the Rose, of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club; looping, of Kiasmos, or Just follow, by CatzClaw. Everyone associates the sound of the engine with the music that comes from the vibrations.

Engine songs a Spotify.

Fan, like a violin

To understand the similarities, the aerospace and sound engineer of the Italian brand, Mario Mautone, explains it thus in a press release: “The sound of a violin: That’s him instrument with which you can compare the V12 from Adventor LP 780-4 Latest”. And he adds: “The growing up that the engine is able to develop, from the smallest to the largest, is exactly the same”.

Lamborghinis and music

This relationship between the 12-cylinder engine and music is not new. For example him 350GT was delivered in 1964 to the famous drummer jazz Giampiero Giusti.

Also, “a later version, a 400 GT red, it belonged to the bassist and lead singer of the Beatles Paul McCartney and has appeared in numerous documentaries on the Beatles and in the video clip of their last concert, on the roof of their headquarters at 3 Savile Row in London.

Paul McCartney’s Lamborghini.

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