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Lady Gaga; Investiture of Joe Biden is the greatest honor in his career

Singer Lady Gaga is excited to remember her brilliant interpretation of the United States anthem, after being part of the presidential inauguration of the already American president Joe Biden.

Lady Gaga reveals Joe Biden’s inauguration was the greatest honor of her career

So much so that the pop star has openly acknowledged that being chosen for such an important task has been the greatest “honor” of her entire life, as it offered him a unique platform to send a message of love, peace and unity to all his fellow citizens.

“It has been the greatest honor of my entire life. I wanted to extend to the whole country a prayer addressed to all citizens who reside in this land, a message of comfort so that they feel loved, “explained the singer.

“So they feel that we all live in the same building that we have to take care of together, in community,” the singer told People.


He also sent a message of support to the hotel and retail sector

The famous artist also wanted to have a few words of support for the entire hospitality and small business sector, one of the sectors hardest hit by the deep economic crisis that has resulted from the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m really looking forward to small businesses, owners and workers alike, getting back to work and living their lives. My father owns a restaurant, and I know first-hand the deep pain caused by not being able to open it, “he said.

“Seeing the owners of so many restaurants suffer is something that hurts me personally, it is something that my family knows very well,” he concluded.

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