Ladislav Trojan at the funeral of Jan Skopeček († 94): After the ceremony to the hospital

His leg suddenly began to swell and cruelly hurt. “So it doesn’t hurt just when I’m lying or I’m not walking. And it doesn’t just hurt when I’m upside down, “he confided Trojanwhen he left the Great Ceremonial Hall of the Strašnice Crematorium in Prague, where his friend disappeared forever. “I go to the hospital in Motol, but they were still researching why the leg was swollen. They’ve figured it out now, so my son Ivan is taking me there tomorrow for an operation. So maybe they will do something about it, “Trojan added.

The actor did Aries they made friends for many years and there were times when they still formed a strong trio with Lubomír Lipský († 92) while still having a glass of wine in a pub. Exactly what they were in the legendary 1963 series Three Guys in a Cottage. “Well, Aries was my father Potůček. In recent years, we have been cursing Lipský that he left us here alone. And now? Now, with the departure of Honza, I’m annoying myself in that world. Thank you both very much, “commented Trojan, who last saw his father Potůček before the pandemic. However, he otherwise tried to visit Skopečka in a retirement home often. “Definitely once every two months. You know, it didn’t go very well anymore, but we always talked together as much as possible, it made him happy, “said Trojan, who acknowledged that Skopeček’s daughter Marie (65), whom he had with, came to the funeral from France, where he lives. wife Věra Tichánková († 93), the famous Black Chronicle from Long Live the Ghosts! “Aries complained that his daughter was coughing at him, so I’m so glad he’s here,” Trojan said.

Dead Skopeček: He felt lonely before he died. And Nedvěd talked about complications during childbirth

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Macháčková came with whiskey
The mourning speech over the coffin was given by Kateřina Macháčková (70), who symbolically donated a bottle of whiskey to the actors for the last journey. “I’ve known him for almost fifty years, we shot an episode of Extraordinary Lives together, where we got pretty close. I wanted it to be said here that he has a great deal of credit for the fame of the Libeň theater. That he was a faithful playwright. This is a beautiful feature that is not completely worn now, “said Macháčková. Skopeček was a founding member of the former SK Neumann Theater in Prague, now Palmovka.

Burian sang to him
The funeral wreath was also sent by the President of the Republic or the director of Czech Television. Sinatra’s hit Strangers in the Night and Burian’s Head of the Station were also heard during the farewell. There was also a song Vydrholec, for which Skopeček wrote the lyrics.

Gott’s Stella is back at Bertramka. And Skopeček had only three things left

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