La Hora Newspaper | Farmers will receive support for the sowing and cultivation of cocoa

IMPROVEMENTS. Rural farmers in the province of Esmeraldas will receive advice for the cultivation of cocoa.

The Maquita Foundation support project Cushunchic, aims to strengthen agricultural training and offer its advice to the different parishes of the province of Esmeraldas. For this reason, they will visit farms and farms where cocoa is grown and provide technical assistance to farmers in rural areas on the correct handling of the product. They will also provide training on the preparation of the land, the layout and holes for sowing, seed germination, transplantation and fertilization.

The president of the MCCH foundation, Father Graciano Mazone, indicated that the only objective they seek is social support, teaching farmers to produce and sell, but above all to lay the foundations of solidarity, respect and responsibility.


He added that there are more than 400 farmers dedicated to the production of fine aroma cocoa and black pepper who will meet with the members of the Business Management Center and the Maquita Foundation. Cushunchic (Let’s shake hands to market as brothers) to learn about the proposed production and marketing of their products.

Mayor Lucía Sosa indicated that this project in agreement with the Maquita Foundation Cushunchic, It consists of giving farmers the tools to improve production, to have good results both in price and quality. (MFC)

La fundación en su proyecto propone la compra del cacao a precio justo de acuerdo a la bolsa internacional.



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