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Kylie Jenner Says Peeing On Instagram Story

Kylie Jenner Says Peeing On Instagram Story. After a set of publications shared by the social committees, from their Instagram stories, they let us see how well they were having between laughs and jokes. And although little by little we got to know them in the series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, it is now when we can see a little more of what their relationship is like.

From what could be seen, the sisters were very amused, while, presumably they were in the recording of a video for him canal de Youtube de Kylie Jenner, in which they were using the products of the “Kylie Cosmetics” line, a company that the also American model founded in 2014.

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It is not the first time that, through their accounts, the successful sisters have sent us a review of their range of products. Is a pretty smart strategy, since by adding their accounts they would obtain an audience of 373 mm for a single video of a few seconds! Can you imagine that scope? A very clever way to sell.

It should be noted that the story that “opened the night” was that of a photo with 3 bottles of tequila, mark 818, which Kendall Jenner recently launched, accompanied by some lemons and a container of salt, as if they were ready for a big “rocking horse party“It is possible that the celebration has started, which would explain what happened later.

Like in a tennis match, one answered the other’s video Through their stories, after what seems to have been a very fun night between sisters, who with super loaded makeup and tequila shots, made us get these comical videos in moorings of laughter. It is notorious that Kris Jenner’s daughters know how to have fun.

First Kyllie Jenner uploaded a story where Kendall, with a clear excess of makeup, licking a disposable wipe and after this action he exclaimed that “his tongue burned” and then asked what was in that towel? Almost on the verge of tears from the laughter that triggered this unusual action.

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Then we got to see Kylie Jenner, trying to cover his sister’s camera, while she was recording it on video. Y between laughter and embarrassment claimed that he “had peed his pants”. We are not sure if he said it figuratively, but it is well known that a good fit of laughter can cause those funny, if uncomfortable accidents.

And even though the stories are no longer available

This brief moment will go down as a good party with an unexpected ending. Neither of them has shared any comment about it so far, but it is possible that in the next video on Kylie Jenner’s channel we can see how things ended this way.

Very surely we can continue to capture the funny stories of the socialites Through their social networks and being the youngest of the clan they still retain that youthful spark, typical of the adventures of a couple of young adults. We will be waiting for her next stories, maybe Kylie Jenner will want to clarify, if she was speaking literally.

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