Kylie Jenner Faces Backlash for Ignores Safety Measures during Her Visit to Cosmetics Factory

as a rare thing, Kylie Jenner It has given something to talk about recently in the networks, but this time for something that many have found strange, while others have found it a scandal, and that is that the model cannot seem to go more than a week without being involved in some controversy and this is the most recent.

Like the rest of her sisters, Kylie has not only made her talent as a model clear, but also knows how to invest her money and has joined the rest of her family, creating her own line of cosmetics and makeup products. , which has become one of the most successful and sold on the market.

Kylie Jenner visits her makeup factory and does not follow security protocols

It is no mystery to anyone the enormous amount of precautions that must be taken when working in a make-up and cosmetic products factory, since a large number of chemicals and complicated processes come together for all these products to reach the market, but it seems that sometimes Kylie hasn’t cared much.

It was in the last episode of “The Kardashians” that the 25-year-old visited the Kylie Cosmetics laboratory located in Milan and in the images you can see how she walks the place without wearing gloves and having long hair loose, which is not is allowed.

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Worst of the case, Kylie disregarded these security measures while being seen hand-mixing a Kylie Cosmetics concealer, which culminated when, at one point, she raised a glass to her lips and said, “I want to drink it.”

Criticism rains down on Kylie Jenner for lack of security measures

During the segment of the episode Jenner can be seen breaking various security measures, which led many fans to complain that something like that is allowed on a site that should be so careful and whose products end up being extremely expensive.

For his part, the cosmetics developer Kevin James Bennett joined the conversation and criticized the model, something that had happened before, because in 2022 the model uploaded photos in the factory and also received very similar criticism due to the handling of the materials.

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