KWF will help with research into Tata Steel

KWF Kankerbestrijding will help with the research that residents of IJmuiden will carry out themselves into the emissions of Tata Steel. The foundation is in consultation with the initiators to determine how best to help.

“We have years of experience in the field of scientific research. We are happy to make our network and expertise available to support this initiative,” says director Johan van de Gronden. “Like the residents, we want clarity about the cause of the increased lung cancer rates in the area.”

Local residents of Tata Steel announced on Wednesday to investigate for yourself what exactly the factory is emitting. They do this because they do not trust studies by the GGD and RIVM. According to them, they take the interests of the steel giant too much into account.

Million euros

For years, local residents have reported health problems, such as heart problems, diabetes and lung cancer. The GGD also found that there is an above-average amount of cancer in the IJmond area. Speculation about Tata Steel’s role in this, however, was omitted from a report on the order of the GGD director.

RIVM is currently investigating which substances settle in the vicinity of the factory. Local residents want to see not only what is deposited in the neighbourhood, but also what exactly is emitted. According to the RIVM, it is difficult to link this data directly to health problems in the environment.

KWF says it shares the concerns of local residents and therefore supports the initiative for an independent investigation. According to the initiators, one million euros has already been raised for the research.


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