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Kwak Sang-do, first trial after his release… Lee Seong-moon, CEO of Hwacheon Daeyu, on the witness stand

– The trial of former lawmaker Kwak Sang-do, who was recently released on bail after being arrested on charges of bribing the development of Daejang-dong, will be held on the 10th. This is the first trial for former lawmaker Kwak to appear without detention.

On this day, the 22nd Criminal Settlement Division of the Seoul Central District Court (Chief Judge Lee Jun-cheol) will hold the 14th trial date of former lawmaker Kwak and others who have been charged with violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Specific Crimes (bribery).

Former lawmaker Kwak has been on trial for 186 days after a warrant was issued on February 4th. Former lawmaker Kwak applied for bail on the 21st of last month when the witness interrogation of his son Byeong-chae was finished, and he was cited on the 8th.

On this day, Lee Seong-moon, CEO of Hwacheon Daeyu Asset Management, will sit in the witness stand. Former lawmaker Kwak is accused of receiving 5 billion won (about 2.5 billion won after tax) in the name of Kwak’s bonuses and severance pay from Hwacheon Daeyu, where Kim Man-bae is a major shareholder.

Prosecutors believe that former lawmaker Kwak received a large sum of money in exchange for helping Hana Bank leave the consortium and using his position as a member of the National Assembly to provide convenience.

Prosecutors are expected to confirm the nature of the performance pay that Kwak’s son received through Lee. Kim, who had previously sat in the witness stand, said that the money he gave to Byeong-chae was a reward for his achievements, and said that he thought that Byeong-chae also had the character of consolation money for diseases he had acquired while working.

Former lawmaker Kwak said he was unaware that his son received such a large bonus. Prosecutors argued that the amount of calls with his father increased during the period when Byeong-chae received his bonus, and in response, former lawmaker Kwak countered that he was talking to his wife about being sick at the time.

Meanwhile, the court set the bail deposit for former lawmaker Kwak at 300 million won, of which 250 million won should be replaced by guarantee insurance and 50 million won should be paid in cash. He also took a vow that he would live in his residence and not destroy the evidence.

It also included the condition that he would appear at the time and place set by the court and that he should not come into contact with persons or agents who were deemed to have knowledge of the facts necessary for the trial. Rep. Kwak must also obtain permission in advance when leaving the country.


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