Kubica will race in F1 if Vettel or Leclerc can’t!

Not only Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi have to for various reasons fall out of the opportunity to participate in the Formula 1 race so that Robert Kubica can take part in it. Also if Sebastian Vettel or Charles Leclerc e.g. get a coronavirus, then the Pole will sit in an F1 car.

Robert Kubica may therefore benefit from the trip of as many as four drivers to be able to join at least one Grand Prix race. He informed himself dFerrari sports director saying who will replace the drivers from Maranello.

Robert Kubica has better chances to participate in the F1 race!

Laurent Mekies, talking about how the security procedures will look in the Ferrari team, also referred to who will replace Sebastian Vettel or Charles Leclerc. Under the terms of the contract, the natural choice will be …. Antonio Giovinazzi!

The case has already been discussed with the management of Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen and agreement has been reached on this issue. So if Kimi Raikkonen, Antonio Giovinazzi or the aforementioned two Ferrari drivers, e.g. catch a coronavirus, then Robert Kubica will be the natural successor to the introduction of castling.

Kubica will resign from DTM

Only a few weeks ago it was not known whether Formula 1 or DTM would be a priority series for a Pole. She herself said that racing this year would be the most important for him. Now, however, it seems that the priorities have changed slightly.

Robert Kubica said a few days ago that if he is needed on the F1 track, he will be there. This is probably due to Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen’s agreement with Ferrari regarding the Italian driver.

Robert Kubica chose the priority series! There should be no surprise

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