Ksina Kate had a slip-up while visiting a bakery. “It’s disgusting”

Ksina Kate she recently went with my mum to a Beigel Bake bakery in East London. The steam was kneaded and baked in masks, but such protection was not sufficient in this case. Fans will not like the fact that the Duke’s head has no protective hairnet.

Princess Kate had an unhygienic slip-up in a bakery

Ksina Cambridge i ksi William they went to the bakery where they prepared cakes, rolls and bread. The couple’s lovely struggle in the kitchen was no cause for compliment, quite the contrary. The duchess was heavily criticized for not wearing a hair net and gloves when helping to prepare the cake.

Among the fans there was even a wording referring to the worst possible scenario – finding a hair in a bee. “Hairy Cookies” turned out to be a hit on the Internet and an opportunity for humorous, but also critical comments.

“Without gloves, without hair protection …? It’s nice to do this, but you should follow some basic hygiene rules when handling your food.

“How can any bakery allow staff and visitors who prepare the food to lack hair ties or not to wear hairnets? It is a legal requirement to ensure that the food is not contaminated with any foreign object, including hair.

“I’m not sure if I would like somebody made buns with melted hair. As a person who regularly finds his own hair in his food… ”fans rumbled on Twitter

So it turns out that instead of helping, ksina Kate i ksi William they could only do harm to the place they went. Because who will come to a bakery where they can find a spooky “hairy cookie”?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry give an example of Prince Kate

It turns out this time it is Meghan and Prince Harry proved to be role models. One Twitter user wrote “this is how it is done” and posted a picture of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who wore hairnets and gloves when they helped prepare food packages at Homeboy Bakery in Los Angeles in June.

C, as you can see, Meghan is not always tz, sometimes he also gets adored Prince Kate.


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