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Krobot began a comedy with Janžurová

The film takes place mainly in Olomouc, among other things in the S-club. There, a theatrical performance is prepared by the Prague actor and debuting director Pavel Šnajdr, performed by Pavel Šimčík together with his grandmother played by Iva Janžurová.

Iva Janžurová

Photo: Jan Handrejch, Law

“We understand the film as a tribute to creativity and playfulness, to put it bluntly, as a tribute to the philosophy of life, which also understands failure and loss as inspiration. Such an attitude is represented in the film by the character of the grandmother. Thanks to her, at the end of the story, Šnajdr is able to overlook his story with a smile and self-irony, “explained director and screenwriter Miroslav Krobot.

Pavel Simcik

Photo: Smart Com.

When it comes to feature films, Krobot has won the critically acclaimed bitter comedy Díra u Hanušovic (directorial debut) or the Quartet. He also directed the series Destruction of the Dejvice Theater for Czech Television. He gained almost cult status among the spectators.

The sniper should go to the cinemas in the spring of 2022.

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