Konolfingen – Tempo 30 is delayed

In May the municipality of Konolfingen announced Tempo 30 in the quarters. The speed limit is still 50 on many roads. The reason for the delay is a complaint.

Over 50 district streets are to be converted to 30 km / h (BERN-OST reported). Four months later there is still no sign of it. A resident from Konolfingen asked BERN-OST where the Tempo 30 was staying. “We are also longingly waiting for the harassment on Inselistrasse.”

Cars on the sidewalk

On Inselistrasse, a speed limit of 50 applies from Migros to the swimming pool. This leads to dangerous scenes on Quartierstrasse. Cars would still use the sidewalk to cross. “The cars then race towards the swimming pool at 50 km / h. A very dangerous situation!” Because parking at the bathroom is free for everyone, this leads to additional traffic.

“There are Migros employees or visitors from inside the Lebensart retirement home who park here.” That is why the traffic and thus the noise have increased lately. The resident hopes for a speed reduction soon: “I think Tempo 30 will bring something. It’s more pleasant and there is less noise.”

Complaint pending

In the Konolfingen community, the responsible community councilor Simon Buri (GLP) says: “One person has filed a complaint against the traffic calming measures. As long as the complaint is pending with the governor, no signs will be installed.” For procedural reasons, Buri cannot say which street is affected by the complaint. It will take some time before the signal boards are installed, Buri councilor: “The Tempo 30 signal stands still need a construction publication. If everything goes well, the signals can be set up in the first half of 2022.”

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