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Koeman: Messi is not normal


In the midst of speculation of his dismissal in Barcelona, Ronald Koeman touch on Lionel Messi. The Argentine player was considered abnormal.

Koeman in the spotlight in Barcelona. The Dutch coach is in danger of being sacked, following poor results in the last two games.

After getting beat up Bayern Munich 0-3 in the Champions League, Barcelona were again held to a 1-1 draw with Granada in LaLiga. The result of the last match made President Joan Laporta reportedly preparing to fire him.

Barcelona has experienced a strange situation in the last two seasons. The financial crisis forced the club to be forced to release Lionel Messi, who has been the backbone of the team.

Ronald Koeman, to Voetbal International, mentions Lionel Messi. impressed to cover all of Barcelona’s problems. So good, the player can obscure what is happening at the club.

“Lionel Messi obscures everything. He was very good and he won,” he told Voetbal International.

“Of course he has good players around him, but he makes the difference. Everyone seems better because of him. This is not a criticism, but an observation.”

“I know how good he is, but it’s nice to see him up close every day. Everything you want to teach a footballer, in recognizing situations, picking up the ball under pressure, in ball speed, in finishing; with Messi it’s all 10. Not normal, not normal!”

“When we finish, sometimes there are players who start to kick the ball weakly. But with Messi everything is like boom, boom, boom, boom. Never a lot of frills, everything is on target,” he said.

Messi himself has now moved to Paris Saint-Germain, because Barcelona can not recruit him anymore. Koeman added that Messi can be so crazy about training that he gets annoyed when he loses training.

“We always play a rondo before practice. If the ball spins 20 times, then the player in the middle has to get an extra turn. If it happens three times in a row, the player forms two rows and the two in the middle then walk and get hit on the head,” Koeman explained.

“I asked Lionel Messi. did it ever happen to him. ‘Yes, once,’ he said. For years. With him, the older players never lose to the younger team. It happened once and Messi was furious for a week. Really, he’s a tyrant,” explained Ronald Koeman.

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