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Know the dates of the seventh withdrawal of AFP funds

In view of the fact that, this Thursday, April 18, law No. 32002 was published in the official newspaper El Peruano, which authorizes a new withdrawal of up to 4 UITs (S/20,600) from AFP funds, the deadlines for it to be carried out This measure will be accelerated, leaving the following stages pending:

1. Publication of the operating procedure: 05/03/24. In accordance with the same law, the SBS has a maximum period of 15 calendar days.

2. Start of withdrawal requests: 05/13/24. The regulations should, as in previous withdrawals, indicate a reasonable period for the AFPs to implement the process, which includes establishing a schedule to submit withdrawal requests based on the DNI, creating a link to process the requests, among others.

In this scenario, effective withdrawals will be made on the following dates:

• Start of the 1st withdrawal (up to 1 UIT): 06/12/24 (30 calendar days after the request).

• Start of the 2nd withdrawal (up to 1 UIT): 07/12/24 (30 calendar days after the 1st withdrawal).

• Start of the 3rd withdrawal (up to 1 UIT): 08/11/24 (30 calendar days after the 2nd withdrawal).

• Start of the 4th withdrawal (up to 1 UIT): 10/90/24 (30 calendar days after the 3rd withdrawal).

Likewise, the deadline to request withdrawals would expire on August 11, 90 days from the start of the operating procedure.

Jorge Carrillo Acosta- Professor and finance expert at Pacífico Business School

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