KNAB initiates seven administrative violation proceedings for possible violations of pre-election campaigning – Society and Politics – News

During the Riga City Council’s extraordinary election campaign, which lasted from July 7 to August 29, the KNAB received more than a hundred different types of signals about possible violations of the Pre-election Campaign Law.

KNAB saw the need for an in-depth investigation in 45 cases, almost half of which were related to online campaigning.

In seven cases, the KNAB saw grounds to initiate administrative violation proceedings. Most of the possible violations were committed during the so-called silent period – on the day of the Riga City Council extraordinary elections or the day before, when agitation is prohibited.

These cases relate to the posting of paid pre-election campaigns on social networks, the availability of press publications with pre-election campaigns on those points of sale, as well as invitations to vote sent to Whatsapp and e-mail.

In three cases, the KNAB terminated the inspection because no signs of a violation were found. The Authority is currently conducting in-depth inspections and will decide to open new administrative infringement proceedings in case of reasonable suspicion.

The decision to impose a penalty or to terminate the administrative infringement proceedings shall be taken within a maximum of four months from the date of commencement of the administrative infringement proceedings.

For violations of the Pre-Election Campaigning Law, a warning may be issued or a fine of up to 700 euros may be imposed on natural persons, and a fine of up to 1,400 euros may be imposed on legal persons.

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