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Kladno Knights’ Struggles Continue: Tenth Defeat in a Row & Player Injuries Cause Concern

The knights could not be denied the effort. But just like in previous matches, they paid for cheap mistakes in front of their own goal. “It’s killing. Like walking around with a girl on a date. Everything is great, but the finale is missing. And on and on,” Smoleňák shook his head after Kladno’s tenth defeat in a row.

In total, the Knights have collected only two wins from the last 25 games. It is not so surprising that Mladá Boleslav jumped over them in the table, although they are also struggling in the game. And it is not without surprise that Kladno fans also expressed their feelings. They did not support their players at all in the opening five minutes. Until you had the feeling that a preparatory match was being played.

“I honestly didn’t even notice it. But it’s 2024, everyone can have an opinion. If that was the case, I’m sorry. It’s the last thing we need. But they have the right to it,” assessed Smoleňák.

Although the Knights have three games to play against Mladá Boleslav, they play once against Třinec and twice against Vítkovice, who are playing well. In addition, against Olomouc, they lost two more players due to injury – forward Kusý and defender Hejda. Kladno is already playing with a very narrow staff.

“We are up to our necks in mud. We have to hold hands somewhere to pull ourselves out and then find our way,” said Smoleňák. “I haven’t experienced it for a long time, it makes me even more sad. I’m from Kladeňák, I care about the club. On how we present ourselves and how we advertise the city. This situation is killing me. I also have in my head the fact that I am largely responsible for it,” concluded the 37-year-old forward.

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