Kiss between the models in the Spanish Quarters, the nun gets furious and pushes them away: It’s the devil …

Curious episode that took place during a photo shoot in the Spanish Quarters in Naples: nun gets angry after seeing the kiss between two young models.

«What are you doing? What are you doing? It’s the devil! Jesus, Joseph, Saint Anne and Mary!“. In any other part of the world such a scene, which took place during a photo shoot, would have been labeled as a play, a provocation. But we are a Naples, in the Spanish Quarters: everything is possible.

And so it happens that two actress-models, serena from ferrari e Kyshan Wilsonboth protagonists of the TV series “Mare Fuori”despite themselves have been the protagonists of a scene worthy of an episodic movie Vittorio De Sica. The story was immortalized: there were lenses everywhere, as it was a photographic set.

To explain to what happened is Roberta Mastalìamake-up stylist and author of one of the Instagram stories that she documents with the singular (sometimes disconcerting) backstage:

In Naples the 118 ambulance was robbed: it was in the Spanish Quarters to help positive Covid

We were in the Quartieri Spagnoli, in an alleyway and we were doing a shooting for a magazine with the two protagonists of Mare Fuori as models. Suddenly a nun arrived, asking us if we had gone to Mass in the morning …

Open heaven: the nun, an elderly woman with a white coat, begins to inveigh against the group of young people who are working:

when we said no, we hadn’t gone to Mass, she started blaming our generation for the Coronavirus… then she realized that the models were posing kissing and ran to share them.

On the set to witness the scene besides the two models there is the photographer Luigi Sgambatolo stylist Domenico Diomede together with the staff, Erika Del Prete, Laura Di Franco e Sara Di Quarto (assistant stylists) and make-up artists Roberta e Mìcol. They witness the outburst of the nun who approaches the two models, immortalized as they brushed her lips to divide them, sincerely scandalized: «What are you doing? What are you doing? He is the devil! Jesus, Joseph, Sant’Anna and Maria! ».

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Roberta concludes the story:

at first glance we were blown away by this behavior. We took it ironically, in fact, as seen in the video, the models laugh.

After a while, however, we asked the nun to leave because she was hindering our work in an insistent way and slowly she moved away.

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