Kirkorov relaxes to the ex-wife’s hit in the Maldives. Video

After a busy December, the artist decided to escape from the bustle to the islands.

“Beauty and familiar songs”: Kirkorov spends his holidays in the Maldives
Philip Kirkorov. Photo:

Philip Kirkorov, like other stars, barely found time to sleep in December. He starred in holiday programs, performed at concerts and at the same time tried to devote time to children. The singer put a huge Christmas tree at home, and brought the kids to the Kremlin for a holiday. Also, the artist managed to transform his aunt in “Fashionable Sentence” and have fun at a party at Stas Mikhailov. After such a busy month, he decided to go to the Maldives.

The other day, Kirkorov was seen on one of the islands in the company of a longtime friend. The next few days the artist will spend time in solitude in a relaxed atmosphere. On the first evening, he headed to a local cafe, where, to his surprise, he heard the old hit of his ex-wife, Alla Pugacheva, “A Million Scarlet Roses”. Philip Bedrosovich enjoyed the moment. “Beauty and familiar songs,” he said. Fans, too, were glad for such a coincidence.

By the way, while the concerts are being recorded on television, the artist decided not to publish many photos and videos. He really rests from the bustle of the big city. Most likely, the king of the Russian stage is relaxing and sunbathing by the ocean. Whether he took his children on a long journey is unknown.

Recall that Alla Pugacheva chose to celebrate the New Year at home. Traditionally, she gathers friends and relatives at the festive table. And Lisa and Harry Galkins congratulated her on the occasion by reading poetry. The prima donna decided not to leave Russia, unlike other stars who went to warm countries.


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