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Kingsman almost had a trailer that included all six James Bond actors, but it was avoided by a single absence

The spy comedy Kingsman: The Secret Service was about to reunite the six actors of James Bond for a trailer in which the witness of the new spy saga passed them.

During an interview with The James Bond A-Z Podcastthe creator Mark Millar revealed that Kingsman was about to have this trailer in which the six 007 of the entire story appeared, and that the idea was not carried out solely because of the absence of the first.

Matthew Vaughan who directed Kingsman had a great idea when Sean Connery was still alive and Roger Moore was too“, said. “His idea was to do a promo teaser for Kingsman featuring all the former Bonds together, toasting around the table. They would speak of a new generation of spies. They had this really cool little idea“.

Sure, it’s the kind of concept that can only be dreamed of, but Millar revealed that it’s actually they were much closer to making this trailer than they ever thought.

We actually had relationships with everyone“, said. “We had like Roger Moore, who was good friends with someone Matthew knew, I don’t remember who he was. Colin Firth was a friend of [Pierce Brosnan]and Matthew knew Daniel Craig from Layer Cake, and someone knew [George] Lazenby. More or less we had them all. And I think we had a slightly tentative ‘yes’, according to Matthew, I don’t know if that’s true, but we had a tentative ‘yes’ from everyone and we were trying to get Connery, and [Matthew] he tried to get me to get Connery, because he was Scottish!

Turns out Millar and Connery had a mutual friend…

“Even though I didn’t know him, I called my mutual friend and he came forward, but Connery was pretty sick at the time, and they told us ‘this can’t happen.’ the ’60s and we take Neil Connery, his brother, and use him if we can?

Unfortunately, Neil died just seven months after Sean Connery.

but it would have been greatMillar said.It would have been great to see those guys together in real life.“.

Much like the recent real-life Spider-Man meme, this would have been a really special moment for fans, and Millar doesn’t think it would have been too complicated to pull off.

It could have been shot in an hour“, Explain. “You could have had them standing around a table, and the idea was that you have this Kingsman whiskey they’re toasting to, and then the camera pans over and you see Colin [Firth] or Tharon [Egerton]I can’t remember who it was going to be, and it was just the next generation of superspies“.

And it would have bothered me a lot [a los productores de James Bond] a los Broccolis!

It certainly would have been an amazing trailer for Kingsman: The Secret Service. Of course, not being able to do it hasn’t hurt the series, and the Kingsman franchise could get even bigger with multiple movies planned by Matthew Vaughan.

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