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Kimi doesn’t know what happened, Antonio says he squeezed the max

Although they are not happy, their heads do not hang, and Antonio Giovinazzi even says that he achieved the best possible result today. How do they sum up the British GP at Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN? I made my comment.

Alpha sums up

“It was a disappointing Sunday. We looked good early in the race, coming to 12th place, just behind Ocon and Vettel. We had a good pace and up to the pit stops we were on course to a good result. We have not been able to make any progress on the hard tires. For one more race here at Silverstone, we have to scour the data and find the best way to improve our form next week, “he said. Frederic Vasseur, head of Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN.

Kimi Raikkonen had a poor start and then damage to his front wing made him drop to the bottom of the pack, taking an extra stop 4 laps to go.

“It was not the race we expected – in every way. At the beginning of the race, I thought we might have a chance to fight, but after the stops our pace was not good enough to keep up with the others. We need to see how to improve our form for the next race. On the last wheels I had a damaged front wing, but it didn’t make much difference. I don’t know what exactly happened to him, we have to look at it, ”he said Kimi Raikkonen.

Antonio Giovinazzi finished 14th today after finishing 12th. The postponement was due to a penalty of 5 seconds imposed on the Italian for driving too fast during neutralization.

“It was quite a tough race and we made the most of it. I had a good start and made up a few places, and after the pit stops, I took another position by changing tires very quickly. Unfortunately, after the second neutralization, I had problems with the pace, and the penalty of 5 seconds meant that I lost more positions. We were hoping to be a bit more competitive so we will have to analyze the data and improve what we can, because in a week we are going here again “- he said Antonio Giovinazzi.

From me

Usually it is said that this is the beauty of the sport, that anything is possible until the competition is over. And so it was today, but it took two punctures to threaten Mercedes’ victory. Total domination. And it’s just a pity that Bottas is again more unlucky. Or maybe he just manages the tires worse than his teammate? Lewis wants to beat Schumacher as soon as possible – first in career wins, then catch up with him in titles.

Max, as usual today, in great shape and almost flawless. How I would like him to have a competitive car with Hamilton … We would have beautiful duels, which in my opinion would be the best for Max. Lewis, having been driving for so many years, might have forgotten what a real fight looks like. Alex Albon will testify. As for the second driver of Red Bull, he had a very interesting race today, but about it tomorrow in the blog transcript.

Leclerc has every other good race this year. He can squeeze a sweat out of a Ferrari and make it to the podium, which is an art with this car. A round of applause for him because he drove a flawless race, also battling Verstappen at the start. Sebastian Vettel … the farther into the woods, the more the situation in Ferrari reminds me of Williams 2019. Two different cars. And that is never a good sign of the team’s condition. But Seb can’t be blamed – two lost training sessions at Silverstone never help.

But the greatest joy today in Renówki. 4th place for Ricciardo and 6th for Ocon … Obviously, falling out of 2 cars helped, but applause for them anyway, because they fought with Stroll and McLaren. Their form this season is still a mystery to me, but their good result today made F1 split into 3 groups: Mercedes and Max, midfield and Albon, and the four weakest teams – Haas, Williams, Alfa and AlphaTauri.

Sainz had a better start today than Norris and he was confidently going for the high points. He was unlucky. Lando did not go great, but again a solid level. Unfortunately, such races do happen. But I like this “new” McLaren.

Pierre Gasly seemed to sense his chance. He looks better and better, beats Kvyat in qualifying, and perhaps Helmut Marko will consider bringing him back to Red Bull. Danil, on the other hand, is putting his leg outside F1 more and more, although he cannot be blamed for today’s adventure. Shit happens.

Stroll had failed greatly. In a race with so much going on, he should have scored more points. He was getting ahead, he had no pace. And yet he was driving the car he won a year ago. It’s a pity we couldn’t see Nico Hulkenberg in the competition. He will get a chance and will certainly be better prepared.

In 12th place finally… George Russell. Of course, they were in last place with Latifi a few laps after the start, but George had a good strategy, drove flawlessly and almost equaled Latifi from Austria. Williams has improved, although it’s worth noting that they were 13th and 15th at Silverstone last year.

Giovinazzi finished 12th, but he broke the rules during the neutralization period and got a fine that effectively cost him a lot. Apart from the pace of Alpha, or rather the lack of it. Raikkonen had enormous problems after tearing off a piece of the wing, and he was absolutely the last one.

The strategy of staying on the track during the neutralization in the end did not pay off for Grosjean from Haas because even Latifi overtook him, but they have to combine, because they do not have the pace to score points under normal circumstances. Magnussen came out after his mistake in my opinion. His aggression has not paid off and I am very surprised by Albon’s punishment. The argument that he was overtaking in an unusual corner is shocking. Judges, don’t go this way.

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