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Kim Virginia Hartung: From Jungle Camp to Beauty Makeover – The Transformation Revealed

Over two weeks ago, reality TV celebrity Kim Virginia Hartung (28) started the journey to the jungle camp in 2024. In the jungle camp she didn’t want to go without Vaseline and her hairbrush and packed them in her backpack as luxury items. But the influencer had to do without her beloved make-up utensils in Australia, because at home you can usually see Kim well styled and with lots of make-up.

And that’s not all: Over the last three years, the visual appearance of the ex-jungle camper has changed significantly. She has undergone several beauty treatments to perfect her appearance. Today she shines with eyelash extensions, full lips, dark hair and a curvy figure. But what did the reality TV celebrity used to look like?

“Liposuction, breast surgery and lots of Botox” were part of Kim’s beauty routine

A lot has happened to the “Are you the one” candidate since 2020: Even back then, Kim showed herself on Instagram and TikTok, but here she still shined in a natural look and with less make-up, there was no trace of glitter. Her hair was also colored much lighter. And that’s not all: her body appears significantly slimmer in the videos.

The influencer has had a few procedures done to change her appearance over the years. As she admitted in an interview with “RTL”, there were numerous treatments: “I had a little something done here and there. Liposuction, breast surgery and lots of Botox and hyaluronic acid.”

Without sleep and without make-up, Kim is beaming after the jungle camp

On Kim Virginia had to leave the camp after 14 days and returned to civilization.

After many interviews, the beauty specialist is now recovering from her days in the Australian jungle. In “The Hour After,” however, she is greeted with all kinds of compliments: “You look fantastic!” According to her own statements, she “didn’t sleep and has no make-up on, except for the lip gloss.”

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