Kim So-yeon “Park Beom-gye, the record of my interview was Kwon Eon-conflict”

Beomgye Park

– A civil lawsuit against former Daejeon city councilor Kim So-yeon (attorney), a candidate for Justice Minister Park Bum-gye (pictured), who raised suspicion of coercion of illegal election funds in 2018, is becoming a controversy over “conflict of powers”. On the 2nd, former city councilman Kim filed a civil suit of 300 million won against candidate Park and three broadcasters. Candidate Park claimed that “the former city council member Kim had spread false information and damaged the honor,” claiming 100 million won worth of damages.

Expose “100 million election funds forced” three years ago
Park filed a transcript while suing for defamation
Kim “The reporter handed over the file without permission”
Prosecution against 3 broadcasters and Parks

– Former city council member Kim filed a lawsuit because of the transcripts that candidate Park filed with the court in early 2019. The transcript is part of a recording of an interview with reporters from three broadcasting companies in Daejeon, after former city council member Kim revealed that “I was forced to pay 100 million won worth of illegal election funds from lawmaker Park Beom-gye” in September 2018. Candidate Park said that after obtaining the recorded file through a former aide, some excerpts that were favorable to him were submitted to the court.

In an article on Facebook, former city councilman Kim argued that “the current reporter handed over the entire recording file to the person who sued me and filed a lawsuit against me without my permission.” The JoongAng Ilbo made a phone call to Candidate Park to hear an explanation, but the contact could not be reached.

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Candidate Park was found to have omitted the 6,000 pyeong land acquired at the age of 7 from the property report for public officials for 8 years, and then the real estate in Miryang, Gyeongnam, was omitted from the property report.

According to the details of a public official’s property report on the 4th, candidate Park’s wife, Joo-mo, received a 327m2 land in Gagok-dong, Miryang-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, and some of the neighborhood living facilities built on it (137m2 out of 275m2) in November 2018. It was not included in the property report of public officials in March 2019, but only in March 2020. The market price is estimated to be around 400 million won. Candidate Park said, “It was between the mother-in-law and spouse that the spouse received the gift, and the candidate did not know when the property change was reported.”

Regarding Candidate Park’s omission of land report, spokesman Yoon Hee-seok of People’s Strength said, “Will the people be willing to accept Park’s suspicion? Another’problem minister’ should be avoided.” As the controversy grew, candidate Park issued a statement and said, “(For a land area of ​​6,000 pyeong), when the candidate made a personal property report at the time of appointment as Secretary for Civil Affairs 2 of the Blue House in 2003, it was included in the property list. “Regardless of the circumstances, he said, “I consider it to be his own.”

Daejeon = Reporter Kim Bang-hyun, Reporter Sung Ji-won [email protected]

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