Kim Kardashian parades in SHADOW TOP on the set of the commercial (PHOTOS)

About the sisters Kardashian it’s been exceptionally loud lately. All because of a grand wedding Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker and the broadcast of the new season of the show “The Kardashian”. Consequently, the family cannot escape from photojournalists.

Kim Kardashian is one of the main characters of the clan Kardashian-Jenner. Her popularity grew when she got involved with a rapper a few years ago, Kanye Westem. Today their relationship is not the best, so they are still lovers they cannot get along on many issues. Despite family problems, the celebrity quickly located her feelings in the new object of sighs, which she became – Pete Davidson.

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Kim Kardashian still multiplies his fortune and fulfills his star “duties”. Paparazz noticed her on the set of advertising their own brand SKIMS. A star famous for its bold stylizations and this time it did not disappoint. The celebrity put on a tight-fitting set in a flesh color, which consisted of leggings and a skimpy top. The outfit emphasized very thin figure of Kim.

The heroine of the show “The Kardashians” paraded in on the set of a new commercial fancy pink glasses, drinking a Diet Coke at the same time. High heeled boots, which emphasized her charms, were an addition to the styling.

At some point Pete Devidson came out of the building, who smiled at the paparazzi and greeted them, raising his thumb over the top.

How do you like it in such an edition?

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This guest of hers is kripol na maxa 😂 ps. Notice that at first the sisters liked the dark skin, they slowly switch to the white ones 😁

A nice figure, but her hair is more dark for her.

A question for the guys – do you really like it?

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Beautiful, Beautiful and Beautiful again

Man has done great things in this world in the process of evolution from chipped stone to space flights to the internet changed and transformed himself and the world woman for hundreds of years unchanged, i.e. only naked and showing sexy

She’s a pretty woman and these tight clothes on her look terrible, she’s a pity too, in total, they are all cramped and everything spills out.

Fiura and like a pretty face. You can see that she has lost a lot of weight.

She’s slim but skinny fat …. look at her … she doesn’t have any visible muscles …..

She’s been made to the max. Not a single muscle, let alone the abdomen. Tight but no muscles. The surgeon did his job .. 😂

I wonder if she eats anything at all at all these parties. It’s always that tight at the waist. And if there is no heartburn.

Beautiful as November night

Maybe a change in the form of choosing a different skin tone of the partner will bring them happiness 🙂

I sincerely admire her that after each pregnancy she was able to bring her body to perfection

diet cola :)))))))))))))

And I have no hangers in the wardrobe.

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