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Kim Ji-woo, Mool Sang-sik, apologizes after posting a certification shot for the worship service

[뉴스토마토 신상민 기자] Actress Jiwoo Kim Corona19 In the screening clinic, he gave a shot to the citizens who acted unawarely, while Cho Hye-ryeon posted a church service certification shot and was beaten by netizens..

Kim Ji-eun 4He went to the screening clinic to take tests for a safe, non-face-to-face performance through his own Instagram, and saw citizens who acted sneakyly.. he is It’s really not a joke for the suffering medical staff and staff. It was cold even though I was standing there for a while, but it was a pity to deal with the truth by relying on a hot pack that seemed to have cooled down in the shaded tent.Said.

Also Shouldn’t everyone keep the basic etiquette?? Grandma shouts out why it takes so long, They are masked in protective clothing in the cold outdoors without even a heater, You can’t take off your gloves once and work in the cold.And was angry.

If Kim Ji-woo gave a shot to the actions of those who had no knowledge, broadcaster Jo Hye-ryeon was on the verge of having a church worship certification shot.. Earlier, Cho Hye-ryeon through his Instagram Worship in churchI posted a photo with the article. In the picture, Cho Hye-ryeon is looking at the camera with an acquaintance at church while wearing a mask..

Currently, the religious facility in the metropolitan area is Corona19 Social distancing to prevent spread 2.5Worship by step instructions, Mass should be conducted non-face-to-face.. Meetings and meals organized by the facility are also prohibited.. Therefore, in some people, Hye-ryeon Jo was socially distant. 2.5It has been alleged that the step instructions have been violated. So Hye-ryeon Jo deleted the post and We apologize for worrying about the authentication shots taken after the worship service.. I always had a non-face-to-face service, but yesterday, a pastor from a small church near the house I was familiar with asked for help for non-face-to-face worship.And gave an explanation.

Also, Cho Hye-ryeon The total number of attendees 10It has been confirmed in advance that the number of persons set by the government’s quarantine regulations is complied with.. In the future, I will be more careful and follow government guidelines.. I pray that the corona crisis will calm down.And apologized.

Kim Ji-woo apologizes, Cho Hye-ryeon. Photo/Newsis

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