Kevin De Bruyne denounces heavy program: “Nobody is listening …

Kevin De Bruyne

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Kevin De Bruyne is the helmsman at the Red Devils against England. Finally another strong opponent because England is fourth in the FIFA ranking, the Belgians first. At the World Cup, the Red Devils won twice against the English: 1-0 in the group stage and 2-0 in the battle for third place.

“That 2-0 at the World Cup is no longer playing,” said De Bruyne. “That was more than two years ago. We have since lost some players and they have new players. This will be a completely different match. A World Cup and the Nations League cannot be compared either. England is strong though. I have already discussed this a lot with my English teammates at City. I think they can win the European Championship or the World Cup. They have the potential. They all have top players in top clubs. It will therefore be a big test for us. We are missing some players, so it will be a bit more difficult I think. It’s a shame we miss so many players. Being injured is never pleasant, but we have to move on. It is also not a European Championship or World Cup, then I don’t mind as much. It is an instant opportunity for others to show themselves. In this way they can also learn for the future. ”

Photo: BELGA

De Bruyne is again at a good level. But can he keep up with the high number of matches? “Sometimes I worry,” said the 29-year-old player of the year in England. “If I look at my personal situation: I only had eight or nine days of vacation. I couldn’t leave because of my wife’s pregnancy. That means that I will have had two years without a break. That is heavy. Also mentally. Sometimes you have to be able to switch off. Your body must also be able to heal. But no one listens to players. It’s about a lot of money. I see there are a lot of injuries. The problem is, I always go 100 percent. I can’t play at 80 percent. ”

De Bruyne also said that, despite the reports of a contract extension, he has not even talked to Man City. His current contract will run until 2023.


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