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Kerala High Court Orders ED to Explain Need to Question Thomas Isaac in KIIFB Masala Bond Case

ED must be convinced why to question Thomas Isaac: HC in Kifbi Masala bond case – Thomas Isaac – Manorama News Thomas Isaac must be made aware of the need to be questioned: HC tells ED in Kifbi case

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Published: April 05 , 2024 05:40 PM IST

Updated: April 05, 2024 05:47 PM IST

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T. M. Thomas Isaac. Photo: RS Gopan ∙ Manorama

Kochi ∙ The High Court has directed the Enforcement Directorate (ED) to convince the Enforcement Directorate (ED) if prima facie irregularity has been found in the expenditure of funds through Kifbi Masala Bond. Justice TR was considering the petition filed by former finance minister Thomas Isaac and the petition of Kifbi, pointing out that ED is constantly sending summons asking for questioning related to the Masala bond. Ravi’s suggestion. The case will be heard again on Tuesday. The court ordered the status quo to continue till then.

Earlier, the court had adjourned the hearing of the Kifbi case to May 22. But it was also suggested that the court can be approached in case of emergency. Isaac again approached the High Court on the 1st of this month when the ED sent summons the day after the hearing of this case. ED’s instruction was to appear in person at two o’clock. The court heard Isaac’s petition against the ED’s re-summoning on the 1st of this month and ordered the current status to continue till April 5. The case was considered today.

Jaideep Gupta, appearing on behalf of Isaac, pointed out that the ED, which had earlier said that it is not a part of the investigation of the case, but that the ED has now used the word investigation even in the summons. He also demanded that the case be shifted to May 22 as decided yesterday. In the meantime, issues regarding Isaac’s candidacy in Pathanamthitta also came up in the argument. Asked by the court whether he was willing to appear after the election, the lawyer said he could not answer on his own.

The investigation related to Kifbi is ongoing from 2021. But so far they have not found any irregularities. Kifbi officials appeared four times and submitted documents amounting to 7000 pages. Advocate appearing for Kifbi said that the ED has not been able to clarify what the irregularity is except that this process is ongoing. Arvind Datar pointed out. Thomas Isaac as minister and K.M. Abraham held the responsibilities as CEO. Whoever replaces them in the positions, they will be in that role. Therefore, Kifbi argued that they are not running the day-to-day affairs of Kifbi.

However, ED argued that Isaac was being called to know more information based on the documents submitted by Kifbi. repeated. Then Justice T.R. asked the court to convince the court as to what the fund was allocated for and if there was any irregularity regarding the expenditure. Ravi suggested. Investigating agencies do not have to disclose what they are investigating. Accept it. But one must be convinced that there is at least a prima facie reason as to why one is summoned for questioning. The court said that it can be considered on Tuesday.

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Kerala High Court Calls for Justification from Enforcement Directorate in KIIFB Masala Bond Case

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