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Keiona eliminated from Dancing with the Stars, her first reaction after the announcement

This Friday, April 19, Keiona was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars, even though she was one of the favorites in the competition and first in the general ranking. She and her partner Maxime Dereymez delivered their hot reaction.

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Dramatic twist in Dancing with the Stars this Friday, April 19. One of the favorites of the season, Keiona, was eliminated by the public, even though she was first in the general ranking! The winner of season 2 of Drag Race France was not saved by the viewers, who preferred to keep Nico Capone and push Natasha St-Pier and Inès Reg towards an explosive finale after their public argument. It doesn’t matter, therefore, the 38 points garnered during the bonus by Keiona for her Argentine tango. No matter his cha-cha, prepared in less than two minutes – this was the rule for the second dance of the evening – and danced to Vogue, by Madonna. Never mind the few steps of voguing, Keiona’s specialty, outlined in prime time. The public has spoken. If the competitor’s fans cannot digest her departure, she assures that she had a lot of fun being part of DALS this year. “I think I have shown once again that I am truly the Queen of France and I am very proud of it,” she reacted just after the announcement of her elimination.

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Keiona had an intense and fun adventure in Dancing with the Stars

Despite the controversies which continue to surround this season of the TF1 show, and this hasty departure for the favorite that she was, Keiona preferred to see the positive after her elimination. She did not return to her criticisms from the previous week regarding the rating given by Chris Marques. She particularly wanted to warmly thank her partner, Maxime Dereymez, for these intense weeks of competition. “I had a lot of fun. I had a great teacher, a great friend, a great partner who didn’t give up on me throughout the competition. We enjoyed it, we danced well, we had fun, we created beautiful paintings. And I’m very proud to have done that with Maxime, because it was really incredible,” she emphasized in DALS, the sequel.

Keiona, applauded by her DALS partner, Maxime Dereymez

Maxime Dereymez also had a few words for his partner: “It’s a comeback. I couldn’t ask for anything better than dancing with Keiona. It doesn’t matter what the outcome is. I think this is the season where I am most proud of the number of paintings that we have done and which have been embellished by his personality, by his perseverance in doing ballroom dance technique.” The duo will undoubtedly closely follow the final of the competition, Friday April 26, to find out who will win, Nico Capone, Inès Reg or Natasha St-Pier.

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