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Katy Perry: in mourning, her fiancé Orlando Bloom unveils her tattoo in tribute to their dog (video) – Voltage

On March 5, Katy Perry revealed to be pregnant with her first child with Orlando Bloom in the clip of his song, Never Worn White. At the very end of the video, the future mother indeed revealed her round belly under a white dress, showing all her fans that her pregnancy was already well under way. “A lot will happen this summer. Not only will I literally give birth to life, but also, figuratively speaking, I will give birth to something that you have been waiting for a long time (his new album, note)”, she then declared in a live Instagram, adding that she and the future daddy were “excited and happy” about having a baby.

Orlando Bloom in mourning

However, a shadow has just darkened their current happiness. Indeed, Orlando Bloom is now devastated by the death of his dog, Mighty. Missing for more than a week, the British actor searched tirelessly for his miniature curly poodle, making rounds in his neighborhood and putting up numerous posters. In vain. Despite the $ 5,000 reward offered to the one who found his four-legged companion, Katy Perry’s fiancé had to face the facts: her dog Mighty is dead. It was in a moving message posted on Instagram that the 43-year-old expressed his immense sadness.

Mighty’s on the other side. After 7 days of searching, from sunrise to nightfall, her necklace was found today. I didn’t think I would be able to cry so much in a week. I turned every stone, crawled into every hole, searched under the roads, scrutinized every balcony and hiding place. We had two sniffer dogs who went out of their way …“, explained the actor.”I feel so grateful for everything I learned from my little Mighty including that love is everlasting and the word ‘devotion’ really means. He was more than a companion. Our souls were connected, that’s for sure. I am sorry. I love you“, he concluded by revealing in video his new tattoo: the name of his dog, surrounded by a heart, on his left pectoral. Our boyfriend will be missed, Nugget’s brother. There will always be a paw-shaped hole in our heart “, added Katy Perry, sharing the video of her future husband.

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