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“Katrīna Gupalo and Skarta Release Romantic Song and Surreal Music Video ”Man ar Tevi” for June 4 Concert at Amoralle Level Up”

In preparation for her concert planned for this Sunday, June 4, at the cultural space “Amoralle Level Up”, singer Katrīna Gupalo, in collaboration with musicians “Skarta” or twin sisters Sanita and Sanija Rozi, has released her most romantic song and surreal music video “Man ar Tevi”.

The song “Man ar Tevi” “reveals a tender and feminine longing for romance”, while in its “video, Katrina’s living room turns into a fantasy where the main character gets so immersed in her dreams that she ends up dying,” according to the singer’s PR team.

“When creating the song, I drew inspiration from, in my opinion, the most romantic music – “Prāta Vētra” and The Weeknd’s early opus. It has both poignant violins and a lush beat with vintage organ, a “lo-fi” sound in the second verse and a touch of gospel choir at the end,” muses Katrína Gupalo. It should be added that if you really want to, you can even hear rap elements in the song!

“When filming the video, we wanted to keep that sensual and leisurely feeling, when you can immerse yourself in your dreams and enjoy them 100%. The finale of the video was open until the last moment, which gave an opportunity to improvise on the set, choke on a big, beautiful strawberry and die,” says Katrina with a touch of black humor. It must be admitted that her dying in the clip is hardly theatrically convincing, however, the website “YouTube”, taking care of the viewers’ health, at least for the reviewer, also offered an advertisement for first aid courses along with this clip…

As for the twin sisters Roze, Katrína Gupalo got to know them or the duo “Skarta” in the “Varslaff ‘n’ Edwolf” recording studio, where the musicians each worked on their solo songs. Katrina was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of the nurses and their virtuoso ability to master the finer nuances of the voice. “We met quite recently, soon after that we enjoyed “ladies’ fingers” in the studio and recorded a song together. Hearing “Man ar Tevi”, the words came to us by themselves. We decided to keep the melody in a rap style, which gives the song a relaxed atmosphere, but also shows our character,” say sisters Sanija and Sanita Rozes.

The song’s co-author and music producer is Edgars Vilcāns, video director – Helmuts Bondars, cameraman and editor – Oskars Lūsis.

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