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Kaesang Pangarep Engages Bandung Residents in Political Safari


Chairman of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) Kaesang Parangep Greeting Bandung residents on Jalan Braga. Kaesang is optimistic that he can attract the votes of as many Bandung residents as possible to support PSI in the 2024 election.

“Yes, attract as many votes as possible,” said Kaesang on Jalan Braga, Bandung, West Java, Saturday (7/10/2023) evening.

As for Kaesang has gone on a political safari to Jogja, Bali and the area around Jabodetabek. This time, Kaesang and his wife Erina Gudono went on safari to West Java.

In Bandung, he met a street photography community on Jalan Braga, which was run by young Bandung people. Kaesang and his wife Erina Gudono tried the services of photographers from the Street Photography Braga community.

Apart from that, PSI Advisory Board Member Ratu Ayu Isyana Bagoes Oka, PSI Secretary General Raja Juli Antoni and PSI Advisory Board Member Giring Ganesha accompanied Kaesang on a political safari in Bandung.

Furthermore, Kaesang’s political safari in West Java this time started in Bandung City on Saturday (7/10), then continued to Garut and Tasikmalaya on Sunday (8/10) and Monday (9/10).

Is known, Kaesang has now occupied the chair of PSI General Chair since (25/9). Now, he is active on political safaris to gain PSI support in the upcoming 2024 elections from the community, youth communities and PSI cadres.


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