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Kaesang Pangarep Declares Readiness for Politics, But Has Yet to Join a Party


The youngest son of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), Kaesang Parangep, stated that he was ready to go all out into politics, but had not yet joined a political party. Chairman of the DPC PDIP Solo FX Hadi Rudyatmo said his party was open to anyone who wanted to join.

“Not yet, not here (Kaesang). PDIP is open to anyone, please please, that’s it, you know. So it’s not just fixated on party cadres. After all, I propose that if the party wants something else, I will also be in accordance with the general chairman’s decision,” said FX Rudy. detikJatengMonday (5/6/2023).

Rudy also brought up internal PDIP rules which stated that one family card (KK) had to be one party in the ranks of the PDIP. Rudy exemplifies his family.

“If that’s indeed a party rule, how come (one family is one party) such a rule. For example, I am PDIP, my wife and my son Sasa, who is still one (KK), must be the same, can’t other parties. If it’s another party, I’m fired,” he said.

Meanwhile, when it was conveyed the status of Kaesang Pangarep, whose KK and Jokowi had separated, Rudy stated that the Persis Solo boss already had his own rights.

“He (Kaesang) is still Pak Jokowi’s family, isn’t he still a KK or not. If not a KK duwe (has) dewe-dewe rights (individually), the size is one family,” he said.

Even so, Rudy said that the PDI-P hopes that Kaesang will join the party bearing the white-snouted bull. Moreover, PDIP has won Jokowi at the regional election to the presidential election.

“But the hope is that the DPP should have won Pak Jokowi in the elections for Mayor, Governor, President and even Mas Gibran and Mas Bobby, whether we like it or not, the PDI Perjuangan is involved,” he said.

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