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Kaczynski will be deputy prime minister in the Polish government

The Polish governing coalition has been in crisis in recent weeks, and there has been talk of early elections. On Saturday, however, representatives of PiS and smaller parties Solidární Polsko and Dohoda signed a new coalition agreement, which is to guarantee the functioning of the government until the next regular elections.

The chairman of PiS was still only a member of parliament, but according to the Polish media, he had a considerable influence on the policy of the Morawiec government and was sometimes described as a key Polish politician today. Morawiecki said that Kaczynski’s participation in the government would “certainly significantly strengthen” the cabinet.

Under the agreement, Kaczynski will become deputy prime minister without a portfolio and will also chair the security committee, which will oversee the activities of the Ministries of Justice, Defense and Interior. The Ministries of Defense and Interior are headed by politicians from the PiS party, but the Ministry of Justice is headed by Zbigniew Ziobro, chairman of the coalition of Solidarity Poland.

According to the Polish media, there is considerable rivalry between Kaczynski and Ziobrus. Solidary Poland recently refused to support some bills from the PiS workshop, which deepened the coalition crisis.

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