Juventus v Torino, Ronaldo-Dybala score again and set a page record all


KOMPAS.com – Duet Cristiano RonaldoPaulo Dybala scored again while setting a record in the match Juventus vs Torino.

Juventus won the Derby della Mole match against Torino in Week 30 Italian League 2019-2020.

The Great Nyoya crushed Torino with a score of 4-1 at the Allianz Stadium on Saturday (07/04/2020).

The win put Juventus seven ahead of Lazio at the top of the Italian league table.

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala returned to be the protagonists in this match by both scoring goals.

Dybala listed his name on the scoreboard when the game was only three minutes old.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo did it through a free kick in the 61st minute.

This is the fourth time in a row that they have both scored in the same match since the Italian League rolled back.

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Nicks to the goal Torino also made Ronaldo and Dybala carve a record.

Launch choose, Ronaldo has collected 25 goals in Serie A – the top caste of the Italian League.

Thus, the Portuguese superstar became the first Juventus player to score 25 goals in a Serie A season in 59 years.

A score of 25 goals in a Serie A season makes Ronaldo equal to the achievements of Omar Sivori who had done the same thing for Juventus.

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This last name scored 25 goals in the 1960-1961 Serie A season.

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Meanwhile, Dybala became the first player to score in the first three minutes of the Turin Derbi since Gianluca Vialli in 1995.

So far, Dybala has collected five goals in the Derby della Mole match.

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