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Juventus, Ronaldo throws the shirt and throws punches in the locker room

He doesn’t score against Genoa, he snorts with his team. And the shirt, requested by the ball boy, ends up on the ground. Apart from the goal, the discontent could be linked to tomorrow

The number 7 shirt is there, on the ground in the grass, and remains there for a few seconds, until a ball boy takes it away, holding it as if he had a precious treasure in his arms. In the meantime, Cristiano Ronaldo has reached the tunnel leading to the changing rooms, very dark in the face. Juventus have just beaten Genoa 3-1, yet the Portuguese is convinced that he has nothing to celebrate, probably because his name is not on the scorer’s table. The paradox of Madama version 2020-21 is that she can no longer even fully enjoy the victories, because there is always something that stirs the pre or post game. After the forbidden dinner at the McKennie house, this time it is the wrath of CR7 who takes the spotlight, with the yellow shirt that ended up on the ground at the end of the match that had angered the fans, interpreting the gesture as a lack of respect. If he had deliberately thrown it away, as he had done with the Portugal captain’s armband (but in that case there was a reason, and really big: a valid goal not seen by the referee), it would have been much more serious. In reality, those who were nearby are sure to have heard the ball boy’s request, which Ronaldo satisfied in a somewhat clumsy (and rude) way. But the discontent exhibited during and after the match remains, and perhaps hides a deeper malaise linked to doubts about the future.

Bad day

It is not the first time that CR7 gets angry when he does not score. It ‘already happened to see him shake his head and complain in recent years. Yesterday, however, the nervousness was evident from the first to the last minute and not very justifiable, for the result and also for his insufficient performance. Cristiano took it out on several comrades (from Chiesa and Chiellini), guilty of not having passed the ball well, he quarreled with Perin – calling him a liar -, on the occasion of a contact, but then he missed a goal, hitting the pole a step away from the door. He was angry when Szczesny threw the ball out because there was a Genoa player on the ground, continuing to repeat to his team: “There are ten of them, we have to attack”. The poison took him to the locker room, where he vented by punching the walls. He took a shower and ran away in silence, entrusting his only comment to the match on social networks: “Come on!”, Accompanied by the usual hashtag #finoallafine.

Jersey, goals and the future

“He was angry because he didn’t manage to score – confirmed Andrea Pirlo -, it’s normal that someone like him always wants to improve. I don’t think he will be fined, it can happen to have moments of nervousness ”. A fine that would have no reason to exist, given that the photos arrived after the match made it clear that the shirt had been thrown to the ball boy and ended up on the ground by mistake. In any case, Juventus has always been soft with its most important player (no public reproach, for example, for the trip to Courmayeur despite Covid bans). Is it possible that so much nervousness is linked only to not having scored? The question is perhaps more subtle: Ronaldo does not consider Juve as current as he is, so much so that he would have asked for guarantees: he will remain if there are significant purchases, something that the club cannot guarantee at the moment. This is why CR7’s future remains uncertain: 2021-22 will be his last year of contract, but twists and turns are not ruled out if he finds a club that better satisfies his ambitions (and that at 36 is willing to give him 30 million the year).

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