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Not only Dybala expiring in June: but while the Colombian will extend, the fate of the Carrarese is linked to the reduction in salary. De Sciglio and Perin are also in doubt

If the affair Dybala seems to be one step away from a happy ending, the you has at least a couple of other major contract renewals to finalize. One of these concerns the “reviled” Federico Bernardeschi. The Tuscan attacking midfielder has been in Turin since the summer of 2017, but in his time with Juventus he only convinced during the first season. Then it was a slow decline, which reached its bottom last year, with Pirlo also trying to play full-back. To the Europeans however, he showed signs of recovery and made his contribution to the Azzurri victory, not only with the two penalties scored in the semifinals and in the final. The return of Merry, then, it seems to have rekindled a minimum of light and now the departure that only a few months ago seemed obvious, is not so certain.

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His contract will expire on June 30 and could be renewed. on two conditions: the first is that he convinces from a technical point of view and not only Allegri, the second is that he cuts his salary. Bernardeschi currently receives around 4 million euros net per season and Juve’s intention is to go down to 2.5 / 3 at the most. You can treat or otherwise say goodbye without too many regrets.

A very different chapter, however, what it concerns Juan Cuadrado. The Colombian continues to be a strength of the Lady and it is almost certain that the parties will go on together for another year, that is, until June 2023 (perhaps with an option). Cuadrado, 33, has already decided to stay and now it’s up to his agent Alessandro Lucci and ds Federico Cherubini to put pen to paper. There is already a general agreement and it is just a matter of defining the details. In his case, it is difficult to ask for a salary cut, but it is equally difficult to talk about an increase.

As for the other players nine months from the deadline, Mattia De Sciglio e Mattia Perin they are in the same situation as Bernardeschi. If an agreement is reached on the downside, they can both stay, otherwise their adventure in black and white will end here. Even if the goalkeeper has a few more chances given Juve’s need to have a “second” at the level of Szczesny without going to invest important figures on the market.



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