Juric: “Fiorentina invests, Torino cuts. Hallucinating challenge, I accept it but I didn’t know”

Ivan Juric, Torino coach, spoke to the microphones of the official TV on the eve of the match against Fiorentina, indicating the evident differences between the two clubs: “They have taken the path of investments, we try to cut costs regardless of the two salvations last. It’s legitimate, we lost a lot of money, but the staff and I were unaware of this austerity. I was surprised. This is the situation, we didn’t know it but it is stimulating. It is the most stimulating I have ever experienced. had: despite having lost important players and with players who have been doing badly lately, besides just taking out loans, it is a terrifying challenge. This is the situation, I accept it but I was not aware of it. ”



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